Connecting BotStar with Boei

Hey BotStar users!

Boei can easily be connected to BotStar. It is super simple!

This is how it will look like:

Step 1. Load BotStar regularly

There is no need to make changes in the way you currently load BotStar.

Step 2. Turn off welcome messages

Ensure to turn off welcome messages in BotStar. These prevent customers to interact with Boei. Also, Boei already has a welcome message that you can use.

Greeting messages

If applicable, turn off the greeting messages:

First-time messages

If applicable, turn off first-time messages:

Step 3. Create a BotStar helper in Boei

Add a new helper with the type BotStar.

Give it a test to see if everything is set up correctly.

Done! :)