Connecting with Boei

Hey Tawk users!

Boei can easily be connected to It is super simple!

This is how it will look like:

{success} Before we start, make sure you have successfully installed Boei.

Step 1. Load regularly

You don't need to change anything on how you currently load No coding :)

In the widget settings (login online in the admin panel), please make sure that On Click Behaviour is set to Maximize.

Boei will automatically hide

{warning} If you have issues with overlapping Boei, check if you installed the latest embed code of

Step 2. Create a helper in Boei

Add a new helper with the type

Give it a test to see if everything is set up correctly.

Done! :)

Known issues


When a user closes the chat and an operator sends a new message, the button is overlapping Boei temporarily.